Electronic Manufacturing Services

Our EMS services

Our services range from design support and industrialization takeover to production and specific testing for product validations.

Fast Prototyping

Tecno System produces rapid and defined prototypes , thanks to a professional team of engineers and production lines dedicated to New Product Introduction (NPI) and full automation and integration of procurement processes that enable just-in-time availability of materials in our warehouses.

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Benefits of Fast Prototyping

The most obvious benefits of fast prototyping are:

  • Faster time to market: we support the customer from the design phase, intervening to support designers with suggestions for product and process optimisations.
  • Product validation: Tecno System can perform all the electrical and thermal tests necessary to verify the actual functionality and the compliance of the product to the specific requirements of the design.
  • Creation of the product and process technical documentation file: we take care of the creation of all project documentation in the various phases.
  • Hardware & Software design
  • Industrialisation
  • Fast procurement
  • Fast Production & Test
  • Documentation Management

Supply Chain

Thanks to a team of professionals, geographically located in strategic areas, and the use of advanced software systems for document management, Tecno System is able to perform precise analyses of BOMs, defining purchase MPNs and verifying obsolescence, availability and promptly proposing alternatives.

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The supply chain management system for Tecno System consists of five main elements:

  • Planning: Plan and manage all the resources needed to meet Client demand.
  • Procurement: Choose the right suppliers to provide the goods and services needed to create the product. Establish processes to monitor and manage relationships with them.
  • Production: Organise the activities necessary to accept raw materials, manufacture the product, check quality, pack for shipment and schedule delivery.
  • Delivery and Logistics: Co-ordinate customer orders, plan deliveries based on the plans received, dispatch loads and ship them in the agreed manner.
  • Return Management: Create a network or process to collect defective, excess or unwanted products.
  • Purchasing marketing
  • Supply chain management
  • Material incoming & management
  • Flexible warehouse
  • Traceability


In our specialized circuit board manufacturing departments, we have state-of-the-art SMD lines to produce finished products for “turn-key” supplies for High&Low Volume and High&Low Mix.

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We integrate the various complementary processing systems in a rational way: from THT (Through Hole Technology) assembly with wave or selective soldering, to SMD (Surface Mounting Technology) assembly with automatic screen printing, SPI controls and flexible, optically controlled pick and place systems .

  • ERP + PDM
  • SMT
  • SPI + AOI 3d + X-ray
  • THT + Selective/Wave soldering
  • Conformal coating
  • Washing
  • Depaneling
  • Mechanical assembly


Production traceability is one of the key requirements in all business production processes. Through the use of an advanced MES Valour (Siemens) system, we are able to guarantee our customers full traceability on the board and perform in-depth traceability analyses.

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Why is traceability important?

The implementation of a traceability system, for example in the automotive electronics chain, is mainly linked to the need to ensure safety. Where necessary, targeted recall of products that may have electronic defects can be performed.

Product Testing

We are equipped to carry out the programming of microprocessors, ICT tests and functional tests with Flying-Probe or with needle-bed fixtures. Our qualified personnel engineer and develop test systems with a National LabVIEW interface, designing and building fixtures in-house as well.

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Our In-Circuit Testing systems allow any type of board to be tested, even those without test points, and without the need to build specific equipment.

The ICT test makes it possible to test every single component on a PCB board, because by ”guarding” the software is able to isolate the individual components of the circuit and measure their actual value.

  • Test ICT Flying Probe eFixture SPEA e Seica
  • Attrezzature e banchi prova funzionale (Lab View)
  • AOI-3D
  • Xray Test
  • Design for Manufacturing Analysis
  • Design for Testability Analysis

After Sales & Repair

Thanks to the large amount of experience we have gained over the years, we are involved in the repair and restoration of PCBs manufactured both by us and by others, with the help of the most efficient equipment, such as infrared machines for BGA, Rework reflow and Reballing, machines for hot air rework, electron microscopes and Flying Probe System, X-Ray inspection.

  • Protection from obsolescence
  • Monitoring of components at risk of obsolescence
  • Repair services
  • Fault analysis
  • Reverse Engineering