Who we are

Since 1990, Tecno System has been providing complete PCB and system design and manufacturing services for OEMs in major industries.

The Headquarters

Tecno System Headquarters is located in Mercenasco. With a floor area of 3000 m2, the plant is designed to meet all major EMS sector quality standards.

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Our core values

The human factor

The quality and performance of our service comes primarily from qualified and motivated staff. That’s why we’re constantly investing in technological, managerial and motivational training for our Team

Customer Satisfaction

Our Value is the Value that our Customers recognize in us: the ability to customize our services based on their needs, aiming at the creation of added value through product innovation, cost-saving , the improvement of quality levels and the reduction of time to market.

Quality and Innovation

The products and services that we provide to our customers, as well as all our production processes, are oriented towards quality and innovation. We systematically invest in new process and system technologies capable of providing effective and efficient solutions.

Sustainability and Environment

The attention we pay daily to ESG (Environmental Social Governance) issues allows us to contribute to a solid future for the new generations, from an environmental and social point of view. For this reason, the company is sensitive and proactive with respect to equal opportunities for its personnel, operational risks, the CO2 produced and the improvement of people’s quality of life.

Our Vision

For over 30 years in the EMS market

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