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Tecno System is not limited to the production of circuit boards but is able to provide the customer with a finished product, ready to be placed on the market.

Every industry, every customer and every product has its own specific needs, depending on these requirements Tecno System may just supply the electronic component or go much further and be your only manufacturing partner.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. Through our technical department, we can assume the role of cluster-leader in the development of an electronic product including all its parts, selecting and managing the partners needed for the specific project.

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. During production, we are able to select suppliers of all parts and to deal independently with the provision of the entire bill of materials. Our Supply Chain Management can work independently, pursuing objectives required by the customer in terms of delivery times or costs, or as a team with the customer through a Forecast Management System to optimise stocks.

Depending on the customer's specific requirements, we apply different policies for managing stocks, using management systems to restore inventory levels, such as kanban, or inventory control systems, such as Material Requirements Planning (MRP).

PRODUCTION and TESTS. When assembling a complete product, we install wiring and integrate parts made of rubber, plastic and metal. We conduct functional tests on sub-assemblies and finished products, with equipment and programs provided by the customer or developed by us according to specifications.

PACKAGING. Tecno System also deals with the product packaging process. We provide all parts of the packaging autonomously and when the finished product quality control procedures are complete, we package the product according to customer specifications.

LOGISTICS. Once it has been packaged, the product can be shipped, as required, to the customer's warehouse or directly to the distributors, all over the world, with shipping by sea or by air.

AFTER-SALE SERVICES. Our organisation allows customers to entrust Tecno System with services involving technical assistance and the repair of electronic products, under or out of warranty. Thanks to our internal warehouse, we can manage a stock of materials to ensure the availability of components, even when mass production has ended, and faster return times. Repair operations are carried out according to standard IPC-7721B, in classes 1,2 and 3, by qualified IPC Specialist staff, at our re-work and repair department.

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