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For over 25 years, the circuit board assembly services are our core business. Thanks to our technological capabilities and flexible organisation, we can meet the needs of Low-Volumes High-Mix (LVHM) industries as well as High-Volumes Low-Mix (HVLM) industries.

To ensure the highest level of quality possible, as well as investments in technology, we invest in human resources training. All workers employed in productive activities have in fact obtained the IPC Specialist certificate.

We manufacture according to the highest quality standards described by standard IPC-610 and identified as Class 3 devices. All production environments meet the ESD parameters according to standard EN 61340 and the flow of material follows the directives of standard IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033.

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. The component procurement and Supply Chain Management services are now more important than ever to ensure the customer the best possible performance in terms of Lead Times and cost reduction. Our Supply Chain Management can work independently, pursuing objectives required by the customer in terms of delivery times or costs, or as a team with the customer through a Forecast Management system to optimise stocks.

Tecno System is not limited to the supply of electronic components, but also takes care of the supply of PCBs and any other electronic component required for the construction of the product commissioned, through suppliers selected by the customer or selected by Tecno System.


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WAREHOUSE. The smooth production flow, the quality of the service and of the products come from here, from the warehouse management.

Each incoming code in the Tecno System warehouses, whether purchased by us or supplied by the customer, undergoes preliminary inspection. The preliminary inspection involves checking the correspondence of the component, its integrity and compliance with packaging quality standards; after this stage the product is uploaded to the system and stored.

The electronic components are stored using automated warehouses and the entire warehouse is managed by the system in a centralised manner, according to the FIFO procedure. The premises housing the warehouse are controlled climatically in accordance with standard IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 in terms of moisture levels (MSL) and electrostatic discharge (ESD).


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TRACEABILITY OF PRODUCTION. At Tecno System the entire internal flow is managed in an integrated and automated manner, allowing us to ensure customers traceability of production. The materials, internal documents that come with the production and the products are identified by barcodes and data matrix. In addition to ensuring an efficient and secure internal cycle, our system allows us to trace, starting from the code on a product, to its entire production cycle, until linking the circuit board to batches of components that it hosts.

SMT and THT ASSEMBLY. Tecno System is equipped with the best available technology for the automatic assembly of SMT and THT components. Our production process involves the most stringent quality inspection control: the inspection of the solder paste thickness, the automatic optical verification (AOI) and X-ray tomography for inspecting the welding of the BGA, uBGA and QFN components. The premises in which the assembly processes take place, as well as the warehouse and painting areas, are controlled climatically to meet the MSL parameters.



ICT and FUNCTIONAL TESTS. We are equipped with cutting edge equipment for the in-circuit test (ICT) featuring a bed of nails tester and Flying Probe technology. Our engineers develop the HW and SW parts of the tests, integrating, where necessary, the On Board Programming and Boundary Scan (JTAG) phases. During production, test reports are recorded and made available to the customer’s technical department. In addition to the ICT tests, we can perform dedicated functional tests, with test equipment supplied by the customer or developed according to specifications.

COATING. For the circuit boards that need to be completed with a painting process, or tropicalization, Tecno System offers the best technology for automatic selective coating. The painting process is performed in a dedicated department, equipped with a drying plant featuring temperature and humidity climate control.

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